Welcome to FASCINATE Films

Families Assisting Special Children In Navigating Available Treatment Everywhere

In 2017, 3B Solutions, of Barrie, Ontario, will be launching FASCINATE Films; a not-for-profit oriented media production service that will work to assist the families of special needs children across Canada, and potentially around the world.

Through cooperation with medical experts and existing support organizations our team of media specialist will be providing a central online database of information and also educational support via video programming; both of which will be formatted to help the parents and siblings of children who are diagnosed with one of a number of debilitating or life threatening illnesses.

The idea for FASCINATE Films came from the life experience of our producer / director, John Ironside, who is the father of two special needs children.

In 1999 John’s five-year-old step-daughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. The shock and fear generated by that diagnosis was staggering, but then the couple found themselves burdened with the responsibility of learning mostly for themselves what services were available; be they medical, financial, dietary, etc. That journey to essential knowledge and understanding proved to be a long and hard road to follow.

Five years later the couple’s son was diagnosed with Autism, but by then they had been through it all with regards to their daughter’s condition, so they had a good grounding from which to learn what they needed to know.

Fortunately not every family has the experience of going through this process twice; which is why our team is pulling together the people and connections to help the parents of those children learn as much as they can as soon as possible after their child is diagnosed with a debilitating or life threatening illness.

Through the use of the Internet and a variety of media our team will be able to create a central one-stop-shopping option for parents to visit where they can learn the latest news about their child’s condition, and about new options, and where they can learn from experts ranging from doctors to the parents of other children who suffer with the same debilitating or life threatening illness.

FASCINATE Films will initiate its services by addressing Cystic Fibrosis and Autism, as these are the areas of our greatest knowledge. In time we will expand our coverage to include many of the more than 500 common debilitating and life threatening illnesses that haunt the parents of children in Canada.

3B Solutions is currently completing applications for Not For Profit status with regards to FASCINATE Films. Any income earned prior to that certification will be rolled back into production projects to enhance the service.